Living in the Tri-Cities Area

triThe northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia area is the home to the Tri-Cities area , which also is home to history, culture and intrigue. The area – featuring Kingsport TN, Johnson City TN and Bristol TN (Bristol also has a twin city to the south, Bristol VA) –  is a place of relaxation for visitors but also a booming opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish business.

Collectively, the Tri-Cities area has a population of more than 500,000, and it includes everything from fine dining and fine arts to rest and relaxation by taking in a day of fishing. The Tri-Cities area has built a reputation for its great music, multiple cultural festivals and overall beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

The Tri-Cities area consists of 11 counties, and each county features sights and sounds of the Appalachian Mountains that become contagious to the average visitor. The area, which is full of friendly people, is a great place to raise a family and a place just as great to start a business.

The Tri-Cities area is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to take advantage of new business opportunities. Check out the TRAVELHOST Tri-Cities TN business opportunities site for information regarding what to look for in organizing your own business. Feel free to also visit our TRAVELHOST Tri-Cities business-for-sale site.

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