Hawaii Volunteer Opportunities

hawaiiI am doing some research for my upcoming trip to Oahu, Hawaii. One of the items I am exploring is the volunteer

opportunities for vacationers and others that may be there on a transient basis. While most of the Hawaiian volunteer groups are staffed by local people from the community they are very receptive to short-term or single day volunteers .

Volunteers on Vacation In Hawaii a volunteer group based on the island of Maui lists over a dozen different volunteer projects looking for a helping hand. You can even get a 5% discount on accommodations at the Hale Ho’okipa Bed & Breakfast. There is plenty of info on both of their websites.

Preserve Hawaii  is another outstanding resource for volunteer prospects. Preserve Hawaii focuses on environmental projects.  There are links to 80 different groups on the Preserve Hawaii website. Groups are working on projects that are re-establishing native species, working on monk seal conservation, doing ocean conservation, and a whole lot more. Preserve Hawaii Volunteers share their stories here: Stories

Even when you vacation in Hawaii, there are opportunities to help reduce the impact you have on this beautiful paradise. Hawaii only stays beautiful if we practice green tourism and give a little back by voluntarism. Volunteering can be a great way to help people in need.

What to do next?

Later this year I plan to move to mainland Spain, most probably in the suburbs of Madrid. I will stay here in the summer months and busk and make music for money. I intend to live with international students because they are the most fun. After staying here for all of the summer, I will likely move to the canary islands. I think it would be a great idea to study at the university of La Laguna, in some kind of tourism related course. Maybe I will get some work experience on the island offering excursions in Tenerife. This could be a range of activities which is what is so interesting about it.

Many people would argue that Tenerife is the most beautiful, gem of the Canary Islands, there is a very strong argument to support this. Considering that the island has over 13 micro-climates it has something everyone can enjoy.


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